Montessori Funtime
38 Water Lily
Irvine, CA 92606



We are fortunate that we have not had the need to do extensive advertising. Most of our students have come from word of mouth. Here are some of the testimonials from our student’s parents.


"Your preschool is great with events organizing, I loved the Halloween costume party and pumpkin patch trip to Tanaka farms. It was a great entertainment and learning excercise for my kids. They now know that milk comes from cattle and produce from farms. So far for them, everything came from supermarkets.” – Kelly

"I can't expect anywhere else the variety of educational experience my child gets with you. Right in the preschool, my child gets to learn swimming, ballet, Abacus, Piano, French, and Gymnastics. No other preschool to my knowledge pays attention to the future of children by having city mayor visit and talk to them about civic responsibilities. I guess it does make a difference when the program is created by a professor.” – Katie

"We are so happy to find such a good education and development partner in your school. Half of our worries are over just with having my child in your school. We are so happy to see your focus on education, differentiated from other preschools' simple babysitting programs.” – Sue

"Montessori programs are so difficult to find in Irvine, and they usually have a big waiting list. We are glad you had a slot for our child. What’s most pleasing is that you accommodate parents’ needed flexible hours for pick up and drop-off.” – Katie

"At the previous preschool where my son went, there were too many children and too few teachers in a cramped environment. With your preschool's great environment, I even see a big improvement in my child’s reading and writing ability. I am glad I decided to move my child to your preschool.” – Shiela