Montessori Funtime
38 Water Lily
Irvine, CA 92606


We follow Montessori curriculum and are initiate member of American Montessori Society. We differentiate ourselves from other local preschools by focussing on parents needs as much as their childrens' development.


What we do for Parents:

We listen to parents' wishes and have accordingly designed our preschool policies:

  •  We treat the parents with utmost respect and spend time with them discussing their childrens' progress.
  •  We accomodate special schedules/hours, different from our usual sessions, based on parents needs.
  •  We don't have holidays off (IUSD Calendar) when most parents are working.
  •  We have flexible hours of pick-up and drop-off.
  •  We don't charge all sorts of miscellaneous fees/fines/donations that other preschools do.
  •  Our curriculum is expanded based on specific wants (swimming, gym, piano, Spanish, field trips) of parents.
  •  We have much better teacher to students’ ratio (1:6) than the preschools in the area.
  •  Our tution rates are significantly lower than other preschools in the area.
  •  We send home every week all the school work done by the children to keep parents informed.


What we do for children:


Our focus is on training children to explore their own potential. We follow the Montessori methodology where children learn by exploring Montessori learning tools under teachers' supervision. Our teachers' background in science and technical fields has given us access to tools and skills that children can gain from for their future. We do for students what we see fit for our own children.

We have a wide range of Montessori tools to allow children to learn by exploration. These tools cover education in practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language, cultural subjects (science, geography), music and art. We value education. Our results speak for what we do. Our students are at least one year ahead of their peers in learning. Most of our students come to us from word of mouth.